Lensculture just released an accurate review of “The Dream” !


“… since books like The Dream exist and show us what is possible to communicate between the covers of a photobook—it is a shame to produce anything less. Please, find a copy of this book and spend some time appreciating the immense degree of dedication behind its production. Highly, highly recommended.”

“The book itself, as an object, is a masterpiece. Each and every step of the way, we find evidence of abundant thought and care. For example, to produce the pinhole images, Bucciarelli worked with a team to create a unique pinhole camera, built to specification for the project’s particular needs. The cover is inspired by the mottled, mixed-up colors of soaking wet photographs found in the pockets of dead refugees who had washed up on the shores of Italy. In the special edition, the book comes in a life jacket sleeve, hand-sewn by refugees using actual materials from the beaches of Lesvos.”

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